It is German engineering and Swiss manufacturing - the best of both worlds.

The videos below explain what a BEMER is and how it is used. This is PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field) therapy. No, it is not "magnets." It is an electro-magnetic field to which the body's microcirculation system responds, causing encreased blood flow and consequently, healing, allowing the body to heal itself, with absolutely no side affects. PLEASE, we welcome your research. Before you believe the Google ads, GET THE FACTS!  BEMER is actually the acroynm for Bio Electro Magnetic Energy Regulation.

Why do other PEMF systems always compare themselves to BEMER? Because they don't have the record or acreditation that BEMER has.

Ask anyone trying to offer or sell you PEMF technology one simple question: Which scientific work actually and specifically used THEIR particular device or propriatary technology in their testing?

Only one device can provide a positive response -- BEMER!  It is the BEMER that has a signed cooperative agreement with NASA for the joint development of a space suit that improves microcirculation. BEMER actually is and has been in a joint research and development project with NASA to incorporate BEMER technology into the design of future space-suits since late 2011. It is genuine BEMER technology, its patented signal configuration and its bioative efficacy that caught NASA's attention.

In Germany, BEMER is fully recognized as a Class II medical device, successfully used in hospitals by clinicians and health professionals. In the United States, BEMER is an approved Class I medical device awaiting its Class II approval.


Blood Flow

Before / After


1:59 (Silent)