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Airbus A319 / 320 e-Guides for the iPad®

The Professional Pilots A319/320 Systems e-Guide is a complex, technical document designed to enhance and supplement aircraft manuals for the Airbus aircraft for airline pilots who have or are anticipating attending their airlines training for qualification on the A319/320 aircraft.

Airline pilots around the world are familiar with the Impact INK Pilot Resource Store system guides. Now, instead of printed guides, Impact has initiated our new line of e-pub guides for the iPad®.

All our guides are written by pilots, for pilots and recognized as the best supplemental training aids in the industry. Now, with the introduction of these e-guides that utilize Apple's® multi-touch technology, this is training information on steroids.

The latest advancements in e-pub formatting, including “multi-touch” technology have been included.  For that reason, availability is exclusively for the iPad on the iBookstore® from Apple.  Multi-touch allows for a media rich interactive e-book - a must for every serious pilot endeavoring to ease his learning curve.

These guides are available exclusively through the Apple iTunes Store.  Click on the links below for a complete description and to immediately download your copy of this exciting and powerful study tool for the Professional Pilot.

A320 Systems e-Guide                                         A320 MCDU e-Guide

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A319 / 320 Systems e-Guide

ISBN # 9780963758736

A320 MCDU e-Guide

ISBN # 9780963758743