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You’ve always wanted to take those “perfect” pictures to wow your friends. But your camera keeps getting in the way. All those buttons, modes, dials and terminology just didn’t make sense. No more. This interactive e-book for the iPad is a series of “lessons” to help you conquer those problems and provide a solid foundation of understanding.  

As an award winning photographer, Kap encountered the same problems. So he decided to put it down in simple, everyday explanations to help get you on the road to stunning images. His high resolution, full page images help you to see and understand the concept he explains.

This book is available exclusively through the Apple iTunes Store.  Click on the link below for a complete description and to obtain your copy of this exciting, powerful and easy to read book.

Photography - Painting With Light

You can also view Kap's work at his photography web-site:

Lifes Wild Side


Painting with Light

ISBN # 9780963758767