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My A B Cs are the perfect gift for “children” of all ages, My A B C’s... is an informative, interactive book with spectacular photography of wildlife, with quick facts on each animal that keeps children learning for hours.  

When The Wings Fall Off - When survival becomes paramount, nothing will grab and hold your attention like the words of someone who has “been there.” Struggling with life? This book provides answers.

A Dark Place...Until The Dawn - a gripping story of a lifetime of dediction, challenge and adventure, often with life in the balance. As you enter these pages, be prepared—you will find joy and tears, tension and suspense, raw terror, and good followed by evil of the darkest kind. A challenging read.

These books are available exclusively through the Apple iTunes Store.  Click on the link below for a complete description and to obtain your copy of these exciting, powerful and easy to read books.

My A B C's                                                                                                 Wings

A Dark Place...Until The Dawn

My A B C's For Life

ISBN # 9780963758712

When The Wings Fall Off

ISBN # 9780963758729

A Dark Place...Until the Dawn

ISBN # 9780963758781